The Homestead Application Suite (

Not In Netikitt Scope (Just an Example)

  • EDUCATE (learn on your time)
  • 247 (much more than a job board)
  • FRAMILY (connecting with family/friends)

Note: these are placeholder names and don’t represent a new application. Applications will be sourced through the Dev Community and future DeSo Hackathons!


It is essential to have a trustworthy network in today’s world of fraud, scammers, and those just wanting to hurt people.
That is what this application is all about - feeling safe at home - finding your people, your support network. And being free to work from home, find jobs (without stress) and build like-minded friend and family relationships. 247 (AI AND INSTANT EMPLOYEMENT)


DeSo Community Example

The following are example applications that fit into one of the four base application suite categories. Categories are defined to help people find their way to your application. Their respective company owns the application. If your application isn’t listed, please reach out, and let’s collaborate. Example: