The Marketing Application Suite (

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Note: these are placeholder names and don’t represent a new application. Applications will be sourced through the Dev Community and future DeSo Hackathons!


You choose the brands you like. Then decide what content to play ads on. You’re the brand ambassador. Brand Ambassador, eCommerce 

Monetize Application

This process is unique and is a fantastic way for brands to connect to this DNA. Instead of the current centralized model, this keeps the decentralized DeSo model intact.

The creator selects from a list of brands that the creator likes and wishes to endorse. The ads are sprinkled on the content when using the Creator engine. So this becomes a very transparent model, and the money stays with the creator. And another possibility is that the end user is compensated for watching the ad, with the choice to skip or watch the entire ad with $DeSo paid via creator coin. (Note: Specific to DeSo, Creator Coin, $DeSo)

Revolutionary Marketing 

Imagine a world where brands can drop their ads into an area that you get to watch, choose and allow on your channel. The power this gives advertising artists is incredible!

They build advertisements for both the marketplace and you–the creator/fans themselves who pick which ones will run during YOUR viewing time frame (partial clips or full-length videos). Get paid on your ads; let the fan be paid for watching. 

Buy & Sell Marketplace

Buy and sell your digital assets, or general items. Sell music w/$DeSo Connect eCommerce sell products or services. T-shirts, tickets, events! (Note: Specific to DeSo, Creator Coin, $DeSo)

DeSo Community Example

The following are example applications that fit into one of the four base application suite categories. Categories are defined to help people find their way to your application. Their respective company owns the application. If your application isn’t listed, please reach out, and let’s collaborate. Example: