The Community Application Suite (

Not In Netikitt Scope (Just an Example)

  • CHAT

Note: these are placeholder names and don’t represent a new application. Applications will be sourced through the Dev Community and future DeSo Hackathons!


Build your audience. Give more ways to connect to your followers or fans. Ex. Musician All showcased on your personal presence on I/O.

All of these communication applications default as the primary tools for the creator - it keeps everyone (the eyeballs) on the platform.

And it is a similar seamless UX with creators focusing on engagement, not jumping from app to app. Instead, they launch from their portfolio site and go! Ex. a like version of Twitch and Discord

It allows the community to engage in all the current typical ways we do today. But the difference is they are part of the native DeSo infrastructure.

DeSo Community Example

The following are example applications that fit into one of the four base application suite categories. Categories are defined to help people find their way to your application. Their respective company owns the application. If your application isn’t listed, please reach out, and let’s collaborate. Example:,