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  • PORTFOLIO | (Website)
  • FEEDME | (Fan Feed)
  • LOGLIFE | (Private Feed)


This Netikitt engine is intended to funnel published content down into their portfolio site. This application is what everyone is trying to build today, wasting money and time and getting upset with the technology. Why? Wix, WordPress. This problem is easy to solve when you have an integrated solution of tools.

And to boot, you can have public or private access! If public, everyone can see the creator’s site. And if private behind a paywall then an artist can control access with value, and charge for the experience.

And let’s not forget the creator feeds. Those are sitting on your website and available for the influencer to connect with their fans.

Portfolio | Your Hosted Web Site

This is the creators content not just a feed. It’s built with all the content the creator builds with the Creator tools. The website is created and gives access to the world, to build a DeSo community. It’s your virtual digital homestead, your stage, your digital real estate. Web 3 to Web 4 Go! If it looks like a website it is a website!

In a nutshell the menu of your site contains; blog, vlog, pod, pics, feeds horizontally and vertically optional components from the other DNA applications. Also, we can have the creator decide what DeSo applications he supports/uses and they show up on the site. 

You decide what feed you want on your website. You can create a paywall and then select the Diamond feed. Now your work is offered on your unique site, your content, and you connect with the community.

But it’s your website. So you tailor the website skin and offer a blog, podcasts and video. And then connect with your audience with even more tools.

DeSo Community Example

The following are example applications that fit into one of the four base application suite categories. Categories are defined to help people find their way to your application. Their respective company owns the application. If your application isn’t listed, please reach out, and let’s collaborate. Example:,

Just a draft but the idea of all the content created from Creator (the creator apps) are accessible here on your individual website.

In which you can make public, restricted or place as a paywall. You access it from an application posting feeds. example:

The user can follow and select to see the personal website. You, the Creator, can customize and engage with the fans directly from this website. Using native tools built into DNA that allows chat, create stages etc.