The Creator Application Suite (

Not In Netikitt Scope (Just an Example)

  • WRITE | for bloggers short & long form,
  • SNAP | for photographers,
  • TALK | for podcasters,
  • CLIP | for vloggers,
  • WAVFORM | for music, for bands, solo artists

Note: these are placeholder names and don’t represent a new application. Applications will be sourced through the Dev Community and future DeSo Hackathons!


This system is designed to support a specific niche - the creator. Provide all the current tools that a Web 3 creator will need.

Keep all the tools close and the toolbox ready for each new software device. And create on your mobile, desktop or tablet - -> publish and go!

What’s the benefit!

Transactions! And a UI/UX awesome experience. Easy to use and start engaging with the fans! You can sprinkle diamonds on all of the content that is created. Then, once the content is published - all the DNA applications integrate with one focus to help the creator!

Not In Scope (Just an Example)
Write | The Blogging Application

Write is a blogging application. Do we not have enough of these already? A new blogger finds it difficult to set up and then find attention. Build an audience. I have created Weebly, GoDaddy, Wix and WordPress, and they all consume time. Afterwards, you’re exhausted and forgot that you just wanted to WRITE.

‘Write’ allows you to write and create both short-form (like Twitter) and long-form (like Medium) and post. The post is directed to the feed you have chosen.

The intention is that other NODES can pick up the feeds. And the Creator has his content curated on his WIX-like website curated by I/O. In 2020, there are around 31.7 million bloggers.

Not In Scope (Just an Example)
Snap | The Micro Blogging Application

This application adds pics and comments quickly to the Netikitt feed. Similar to Write but a separate app but same UX/UI experience.

With it being separated from Write, it gives the user community an understanding of the flip from Instagram to here. It is curated on I/O to showcase your favourite pictures.

DeSo Community Example

The following are example applications that fit into one of the four base application suite categories. Categories are defined to help people find their way to your application. Their respective company owns the application. If your application isn’t listed, please reach out, and let’s collaborate. Example: @Stori,

Not In Scope (Just an Example)
Talk | The Podcasting Application

This Podcast application is simple; record or take an existing file and upload it into this application. Again, a straightforward interface that allows a podcast to be created and published. And when you add MARKETER, that’s where things get awesome!

After the file is uploaded, the system sprinkles ads (creator brands they enjoy, trust), and now your podcast is generating passive income! The creator decides if he wants to ad the marketing to that content. But, of course, not everything has to be filled with ads; the creator chooses to!

Not In Scope (Just an Example)
Clip | The Vlogging Application

Let’s leave the best for last! This application is not a video editing tool. There are many easy-to-use creation tools for that job. This interface simply allows you to upload the video. Like all the rest, sprinkle in ads and let I/O create a tab on your portfolio site.

Instantly you have built a website just by doing what inspires you that day. Write, take a picture, talk or upload a video all in a simple interface. Diamonds!