💥🚀 Our Octane Focus: 

  1. Octane Funds will help build out the functionality of the Creator Portal Page, the collaboration and integration to Community Nodes/applications, transactional analytics and the build of the Creator’s Website ( With more features and tools to be built and engage fans. 
  • Creator Definition: Every person has the power to create. Everyone has something that they can do to contribute to the world, no matter how small or large. The traditional applications have been blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. And this Web 3 portal provides you access to the conventional and alternates. So if you want to contribute in some way, then use your superpower! Create, publish, monetize, engage and make a living wage. 

Future initiatives:

  1. Working towards the full DeSo Netikitt Vision (all applications integrated on built for the creator. 
  2. Producing the DNA framework criteria for onboarding apps an Octane Fund Proposal for distributing. (
  3. Working with the Community developing relationships and solving problems with developers and the Community. (
  4. Building for Web 3.0 with Web 4.0 Metaverse clearly in scope. (

deso octane

💥🚀 The Five Second Pitch 

This DeSo, SAaaS, DNA, DXP, application is a closed-loop framework keeping the eyeballs on the primary DeSo Applications and keeping the flow of transactions on the DeSo blockchain network.

The project starts with the Creator (the content creator) and provides two choices. To create content ( or to browse content ( So is for making content, and is for browsing content.

The Creator portal is a way to create blogs, vlogs and podcasts and more. It has a lot of things to help you make content. You can see your progress on the KPI dashboard (the portal) and review fan engagement and monetization.

The Creator portal is a way to find and discover new applications from the DeSo DNA. The creator can try out different applications until they find what works for them and their fans.

The Creator is then connected (single sign-on) to the application you selected, and it will interact with the unique business of that application. It will send data both to the portal page and to your website (

The whole system is subscription-based. So you can see the apps and features you want. Also, everyone has the opportunity to create content.

The system is built for the Creator and their content. It is a closed-loop system that provides a rich environment and keeps all the eyeballs on the platform, producing a Community of fans with content 100% owned by the Creator. The system uses blockchain technology to make all of this happen.

💥🚀 DeSo Network Applications (DNA)

The Application Suite is to be built with the Dev Community and Decentralizing Social as the mission. The application portal ( / will be developed and link Nodes/Apps (Example: @Stori) into a complete ecosystem of tools to distribute transactions across Nodes and provide seamless integration and user experiences (UX).

Phased Approach

Creator Application Suite |,
I/O Hosted Website |,

💥🚀 Based On SAaaS DNA

There are four applications suites distributed between two nodes, (load balancing on AWS) with multiple applications within each. These are all for creating content, building relationships, growing skills and monetizing your work. 

Note: AWS has potential to interface with AWS VR/AR/AI for the future Metaverse.

If we are going to disjoint centralized Social Media then let’s go for them all! If so, why not take the best and recreate in Web3, with DeSo and cryptocurrency. Recreate Medium, Instagram, YouTube, Anchor, Wix, WordPress, Quora, Discord, Twitch, Facebook Market Place, AdSense, Udemy, and Job Boards.

One seamless UI/UX experience that works for the creator, the influence and the fans!

But let’s learn from our mistakes and make sure we don’t replicate another web of links, domains and confusion. Let’s build a centralized UI/UX with decentralized ownership with $DeSo and blockchain tech. (Note: Specific to DeSo, Creator Coin, $DeSo)

Trust & Transparency

It’s about trust, helping each other and contributing as a team. This application setup and application base is vast, but if we build a team and connect early enough with current NODE operators, applications perhaps this vision can come true. (based on a decentralized ownership of each application)

The UI/UX experience needs to be seamless for the user, the creator the fan!

We have already in most cases started building applications that fit directly into this DNA. We are just creating in a vacuum. Let’s provide > value than the current Web2.


This Netikitt DNA was built with love to support people.

  • We are looking to help society find people’s superpowers, contribute their superpowers, and give back lives to the people with time. 
  • We are looking to contribute, be paid a living wage, and work from home. Show the world that there is a life to live. The Great Resignation, the Great Opportunity!
  • We believe in insight, imagination and open dialogue.
  • We are storytellers at heart with many experiences to share.

Process & Flow

It all starts with the creator (the hero/god) and the inputs and outputs! And the input comes from the creator and having the tools at your fingertips to create! Secondly, you need a place to store your creation and a home for your virtual homestead!