organization structure


Community is a significant component of this project and essential to navigating barriers with solutions. Interaction at the community level allows for a bottom-up approach and builds on decentralized central planning.

The DeSo community is committed to decentralizing social media using blockchain, which will help create a more natural and true-to-life online world. Also, to build decentralized social spaces that give people control of their content. This leads to an era where every user is free from censorship in the online spaces we create.


Note: You can check out the updated version of this document with suggestions for creator coin etiquette:


Netikitt is an organization that guides the UX design process and establishes how the application will fit into the DNA. In addition, they act as the interface between the organizations ( / by reviewing applications, establishing frameworks for standard designs and ensuring approval for final funding. The result is innovative solutions that meet the DeSo mission and allow for a seamless user experience. (draft)

💥🚀 Community Franchisee Model 

Weirdly, this is a franchise model (in theory) but run by the Community. The branding is isolated to that of the technology –  Decentralized Social Net Etiquette Applications (DNA-SE).

And the eventual evolution of moving towards a Web 4 virtual world that includes artificial intelligence and virtual reality. This period is pivotal to forming a Community and bracing for impactful future change. 

DNA-SE Board Selection

The DeSo Community selects the board, and each member voted within the DeSo Community Representatives holds a seat on This group will have seats on as representatives after every election cycle ends.

Frequent Terms

DCP = Decentralized Central Planning

DNA = DeSo Network Applications

SE = Social Etiquette


DNA | DeSo Network Applications (Suites) : Single Applications curated into categories or Suites of Applications to engage creativity, insight and learnings.

SAaaS | Social Applications as a Service : Social Applications curated into Suites and presented as a combined service to provide access and layering of additional services.