This simple tool is being built for me, a fifty-two-year-old who wants to create, publish, monetize and repeat. Finally, an application tool suite solves common obstacles vlogging, blogging, podcasting and building a personal website without application switching. So let’s start by solving my simple problem so that not only can I do this, you can too, and we can do it knowing your content is yours—home sweet home. 

  • Simplify your life by having all of the tools you need in one place.
  • Make more money from blogging, vlogging, and podcasting with less work.
  • Take control of your content and get it out into the world faster.
  • Get back hours of your day.
  • Get more done with less effort.
  • Be able to be creative without being bogged down by technical issues.
  • Share your ideas with the world hassle-free!


💥🚀 Netikitt (Profit & Not-for-Profit)

Netikitt is a starting point for forming and creating this future Metaverse. The intent is to facilitate Developers, Community members, and those who want to make their DeSo worlds within it! It’s all embedded in the name Net etiquette.

  • A user of the internet
  • Internet, Networks, Keeping ‘IT’ Together
  • A set of tools needed for a specific purpose
  • Acceptable way of communicating ex. DeFi, DeSo

DeSo Community

The brand unique to the mission of decentralizing social networks and empowering creators. The name is to be ubiquitously paired with decentralization and the formalization of DeSo etiquette – driven by the DeSo Community.

It’s all about living healthy, happy lives by learning how to use our superpowers to empower ourselves, owning our contributions, inclusive to everyone on this spinning planet!

💥🚀 DeSo Applications

DeSo applications are not owned by one single entity. But a group of developers that bring each application to life and then run their own independent business.

One aspect of the Nader (DeSo) vision calls for decentralized decision-making, which removes any control from a top-down company approach. As a result, the process is decentralized (Decentralize Central Planning.) The Netikitt framework will continue to adapt and update based on changes in this mission statement.

Built for Creators!

The DeSo Network Application (DNA) Web 3.0 framework provides a solution for those that want control of their social media data – where you own the ownership of what’s posted.

The DNA framework curates applications into four base suites: Creator, Community, Marketer and Homestead. Example: and are both I/O-feed based, the latter being a more sophisticated application.

The Creator’s tool kit ( will span all four base Application Suites and natively provide functionality for creators, a complete kit of tools for blogging, vlogging and podcasts and more.

The future DeSo Metaverse (Web 4.0) is a suite of Virtual Reality (VR) tools for creative people like you based on DNA and SAaaS.