Question: How you’re defining creators? In your mind are you mostly thinking about Art and possibly Music folks? I have 12,000 authors in two groups on Facebook and I’m interested in nudging them this way, but for now, all the nodes with their limited Post and Reply lengths, are a negative for folks who write long form.

Answer: Creators are all-inclusive: writers (long and short), podcasters, vloggers, artists (all forms). I’ve used all the Social Media applications and posted my content in all of them. As a result, my content is fragmented all over the place.

Question: Is anyone building a node that will be G-rated? Eg. only referred members, KYC’d accounts, where only your friends can message you, where you can only follow someone if they send you their follow link and vice versa, etc. etc.?

Answer: The creator’s tools allow you to create all sorts of content quickly, from your phone feeding your hosted website. Each user can customize the hosted website access. For example, it can be restricted (unable to see all content), paywalled (user fee structure) or fully open. Thus, the content created will feed your website and be accessible to your configuration. That is the intention.