Netikitt is a project that aims to make your life easier by integrating all the things you need in one place. The portal is simple and accessible at any time or place! The idea behind it comes from three core values: integration, consistency, and personalization based on simplicity and accessibility.

The new portal solution (desoportal.app) will allow you to move from centralized social networks into a decentralized ecosystem effortlessly. It’s built on the concepts of DXP, which stands for Digital Experience Platform. This concept means that it’ll offer highly customer-oriented user experiences by giving you control with convenience and ease of use benefits!

  1. Blog, vlog, podcast your portal to Web3.
  2. Publish content to feeds that will serve your audience.
  3. Content on blockchain technology. (user owned)
  4. Monetize your art, words, voice in crypto.
  5. Toss the old website for the new curated website.
  6. Configure your website so that it is open, restricted or paywalled.
  7. Buy or sell digital assets, tickets, t-shirts, events.
  8. Connect to your fans, answer your fan questions.
  9. Stream! Be on your stage.


Netikitt.app is a suite of tools for creators, their fans and followers. NetiKitt strives to be the solution that helps people in this DESO space utilize social media more creatively while also creating an environment where they can make money from content online!

Imagine how different your life would be if you didn’t have to worry about any of the rules of creating content. Instead, creators can focus solely on what they do best and ensure everything else falls into place because creators are masters at making things happen!

netikitt your web3 portal

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